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Convention Schedule

Please check back. The schedule will be posted closer to the convention.

Time Event Venue
2:00-10:00 AA Marathon Meetings Best Western Rm 106
3:00-7:00 Ping-Pong Tournament Side Patio
3:30-4:30 Young People Speaker Main Hall
5:00-5:30 Al-Anon Event Kick-off Meeting Main Hall
5:30-6:30 Al-Anon Bingo Main Hall
6:00-7:30 Friday Night BBQ Back Hall
7:00-7:45 Comedy Show Main Hall
7:00-8:30 Al-Anon Movie Night - Lois' Story Best Western Rm 112
8:00-10:00 Friday Night Speaker Main Hall
10:00-11:59 Friday Night Dance Back Hall
Time Event Venue
8:00-10:00 AA Marathon Meetings Best Western Rm 106
8:00-6:00 Al-Anon Marathon Meetings
There is no meeting from Noon to 1:00 PM
Last meeting starts at 5:00 PM
Best Western Rm 112
8:30-10:30 H&I Speaker w/Continental Breakfast Main Hall
8:00-9:45 Meditation Upstairs Elks
10:00-Noon GLBT Meeting Upstairs Elks
11:00-12:30 Al-Anon Luncheon Main Hall
12:30-1:00 Al-Anon Skit Main Hall
1:15-2:45 Amazing Alateens Upstairs Elks
1:30-2:30 Sponsorship Q & A Main Hall
3:00-4:00 Long-Timer Panel Main Hall
3:00-5:30 Ping-Pong Tournament/Finals Side Patio
4:00-5:30 Young Peoples 2 for 1 Speaker Upstairs Elks
6:30-8:00 Saturday Night Banquet Main Hall
8:15- Saturday Night Speaker Main Hall
Following the Speaker Masquerade Ball Back Hall
Time Event Venue
8:00-9:30 Mediation Meeting Best Western Room 106
9:30-10:30 Sobriety Countdown Main Hall
10:30-Noon Speaker Meeting Main Hall